Who we are

As long as a part of the world is suffering from poverty, hunger, disadvantage, and other deprivations, the entire world could not truly be in peace of mind. Building brighter sectors of society on earth creates a more peaceful world, and thus a higher quality of humanity.

At a Glance

One person who has ambition to serve society, has established a non government organization in 2012.

Our Vision

Shrinivas Balaji charitable trust envisions development of the communities in India by promoting their diversity, innovation, and good leadership through social inclusion, equality, and altruism to build a brighter, better and more secure future.

Our Mission

Work together with those in need facilitating opportunities to fully participate in the issues affecting their lives by implementing physically, economically and socially viable methods which lead towards more sustainable social change.

Origin and Founder

Deepak Katakdhond, a social worker who founded Shrinivas Balaji charitable trust.

Our objectives

To function as a non-government charitable Trust, providing for the assistance, advancement, promotion, human rights, and protection of people of all group; and of people in need in Karnataka, and of any other state in the India, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, religious diversities and political affiliations.


  • Building a brighter sector of human society is first to build democratic governance which equally and evenly enables the ordinary citizens of all levels to be inclusive and responsive so that their own human dimensions are strengthened by exercising their full potential leading towards productive and creative lives along with tangible and sustainable benefits.
  • Much as those who are deprived of power and control over their common affairs and basic needs in lives require being empowered and enabled of fully participating in an equitable process, such disadvantaged segments of societies also need protection from adverse effects on their lives.
  • Both ends and means are to be rather ethical than ends-oriented or otherwise.


Peace of mind is the greatest wealth of all, which can be attained by self-reliance arisen from being able to satisfy one’s own basic needs in daily life.