Our Mission

  • Work together with those in need facilitating opportunities to fully participate in the issues affecting their lives by implementing physically, economically and socially viable methods which lead towards more sustainable social change.
  • Our aim is simple: to provide Advantage for the disadvantaged. We will accomplish this by funding grants and providing donations to individuals and charitable associations, bodies and organizations for the public benefit.
  • To further this mission we aim to provide a more efficient and responsive way of giving and are committed to ensure proper stewardship of your donations.

Our Ambition

  • We have strong desire to build a one of the World tallest-Largest STATUE&Temple of Lord Tirupati Balaji. WORLD LARGEST Temple’s height will be near about 153 feet which will spread on an area of 45 acre land. Budgets costing for this construction cam up to 45 Crores(8281132.99-United States Dollar (USD)). The location of temple have been fixed near Karnataka and Maharashtra Boundry INDIA.Under Construction!.
  • Another same ambitious project also planned for the WORLD LARGEST STATUE&Temple of Lord Sai Baba The Location of Maharashtra INDIA.
  • We have total 9 Devsthana in our portfolio for construction and Development work.
  • We are taking steps to establish the 153 Education Institute as well as the same number of Hostels too.