What we do

We work on social, environmental and health issues that affect and are affected by large numbers of people. These are issues that reduce quality of life, reduce sustainability and have consequences that cost governments lots of money to deal with. We identify issues internally through research and consultation and have a regular stream of issues brought to us by clients and partners from across different sectors.

We interested to help society in following cause,

  • Educational Services
  • Health Care Camp
  • Enhancing the working conditions of labour and farmers
  • Social Services
  • Helping poor families by helping them in a daughter’s marriage through giving complete wedding material.
  • Free Notebook distribution to needy students.
  • Arranging a blood donation camp especially for children affected by thalassemia.

If you need some good people to do good things, we’d love to have a cup of tea and talk you through what we can do together. Email [email protected] or simply use contact us link